About women business cult

The platform will be managed and run by women entrepreneurs with experience and, it will help women by providing the right Tools to boost their business and expand.Women Business Cult aims to create a platform for exchanging ideas, business advice, entrepreneurship awareness, development, marketing support, mentorship opportunities and other aspects to grow the businesses.The Women Business Cult is founded by award-winning Image and Fashion Consultant Anika Khara and Deepika Maheshwari, the founder of Riddhi Siddhi Art Creations. They both share a similar passion, and that’s why launched this initiative to help women become entrepreneurs and fulfil their dreams.

The Idea and Vision behind Women Business Cult:  

“The focus is to encourage every woman who wishes to do something on their own but lacks proper channel and guidance to run a business and make a profit out of it. Whomever we see has the potential or wants to have started their own business we will make them part of the organisation and conduct a meeting to discuss ideas.We will help them connect with ideal people in the market for their business. We never know one day they make it big and inspire us with their story.”WBC aims to bring women entrepreneurs together on one platform to help them succeed in their own businesses. As a member, you will have opportunity to network with other women entrepreneurs, have access to up to date information, and explore innovative ways of promoting your business. Business listing on WBC with your business search terms to gain high ranking Gallery section to showcase your products/services.

Speaker Opportunities in WBC:

Events Speaker opportunities in Colleges/Organisations based on the requirement for excel and premium members.”The entrepreneur mela”- an opportunity to sell your products. WBC Focused Marketing – Marketing and Showcasing WBC Members Businesses on WBC Social Media from Time To Time. Free one-on-one Business consulting workshops and Branding Workshops would Be Conducted ..SELLWBC – an ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs Discounted pricing on digital services like website design and development, graphic design, legal services, mentoring services, funding support etc.



After a successful career in Human Resource Management, Project Management, Fashion Designing….  Anika Khara took her love of people and fasion to the forefront of her work. She is An Image And Fashion Consultant, transformational coach and corporate trainer has been an indispensable resource in helping people dramatically increase their executive presence, image impact, knowledge of etiquette and manners, improve their business and social skills, maximize their communication skills and leadership excellence.Her areas of expertise include leadership, personal branding, image consulting, executive presence, business and social etiquette, manners, ambassadorship skills, speech – media coaching and magnetic communication skills. She has won many awards in the 5 years of her journey as An Image And Fashion Consultant.. She Helps You In creating your own Brand..Brand YOU! Coaching for the important aspects of life in order to become iconic and monetised leadership brands.Written More Than 150 Blogs on various Fashion, Image, Health, Clothing, Mental and Physical Wellness related topics too.She strongly Believes in the saying,
“Empowered Women Empower Women” and Trying To make Sure She lives by it..

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Deepika Maheshwari is an artist and have been in the field of designing for around two decades now. With no professional degree in the field of arts and designing, she got into the field of art to make her ends meet which soon turned into something very incredible. She started with making candles, perfumes, small handicraft items to now she is into exclusively customised home decor handicrafts. Riddhi Siddhi Art Kreations began its journey in the first decade of the new millennium and geared up an evolution in the contemporary and Ethnic art. If we talk about the modern world, today none of the establishments, whether commercial or residential can be aesthetically complete without art installations .She at her gallery, work with multiple mediums to create  exclusive art pieces in the form of  Exclusively Customizable abstracts, centre tables, chowkis ,name Plates, puja mandirs, religious frames, stone carvings and much more…. Turning one’s imagination into reality-Customisation is our USP! Riddhi Siddhi art kreations is one of the leading art galleries in south India where contemporary and traditional art works are designed. to enhance the beauty of residential and commercial  interiors. In 19 years of it’s existence, Riddhi Siddhi Art Kreations has become synonymous with the meaning of Art She believes that we, Women have got this super power of handling both personal and professional life very efficiently and beautifully! She also has faith in the capability of all the women out there and believes that women can not only build their own empires but also help her fellow women to build their own!